As a result of lack of administrative surveillance, the reckless activities of yaba traders in Ukhia Upazila have increased.

Especially the villages behind Ukhia police station are Hajirpara, Duchhari, Harinara, Jadimura, Battali, Sonar Para, Kutupalong, Kotbazar, Maricha, border area Delipara Hatimura, Darga Beel, Balukhali, Rahmater Beel, Purinkhali The opinion of the locals.

Since the arrival of Rohingyas in Bangladesh, the smuggling of yaba by the Rohingya camp-based trafficking syndicate has increased. In coordination with the yaba godfathers of the Rohingya camp, the local identified trafficking syndicate is recklessly carrying on the yaba trade. Occasionally, law enforcement arrests traffickers based on information provided by sources, but the original Yaba godfathers remain out of reach. As a result, yaba trade is not going to be stopped in any way. On top of that, the Yaba Godfathers, who have been in jail for a long time and are in hiding, have come out in public and are running the Yaba business again. The old Yaba Godfathers do not have to face such a problem as the newly joined law enforcement forces in Ukhia Police Station are not aware of the old Yaba Godfathers. As a result, yaba trade is going on in Dedarache.

When contacted, Ukhia Police Station Officer-in-Charge Ahmed Sanjur Morshed said, “Since I joined Ukhia Police Station, I have been conducting various awareness activities against Yaba to make the local people aware.” I am encouraging the young society to attend sports. I am also motivating the local people against drugs by attending various meetings, seminars and Waz mahfils. I have been speaking out against drugs since Friday prayers in rural mosques. Above all, it is difficult for the police alone to stop drugs if the local people are not aware.